Spark Session

You’re a CREATIVE.  That means you’ve got AMAZING ideas that will change the world and your life if only you could stay on track long enough to implement them.  Being a creative means you know WHAT to do but have trouble DOING it. It means you get hung up on being VISIBLE, selling without feeling slimy and making sure everything is exactly PERFECT before you release it.

The SPARK session is a 1:1 power hour designed to shine a light for GIFTED entrepreneurs like you. It’s a 60 minute one-time call that allows you to step back from yourself, gain CLARITY, and reignite your fire with FOCUSED action toward your stellar GOALS.

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A SPARK Session will help you immensly if you feel:


  • This building an online flexible business that makes a ton of money is a great idea and you see it working for others but you’re so exhausted that you’re ready to give up.
  • You’re not getting the results or making the sales you need to make in order to offset the time you’re putting in.
  • You’re not living up to your potential. You know have the capability to make this thing ROCK, but it’s not.
  • There’s a million things to do and you don’t know where to go next.
  • Even though you can see the finish line clearly, you’re fuzzy on what the next step is that will take you there.
  • You know WHAT to do (you’ve bought and finished too many programs, e-books and courses to count) but you’re still not doing IT.
  • You have shiny object syndrome.
  • No sooner do you get started in one direction you find yourself going in another.
  • You’re at your wits end.
  • You’ve had enough of trying to make it work on your own.
  • You find yourself saying to yourself, “I’m never going to be able to make this work.”
  • You think, “what do I really know anyway…”
  • When they get to know me, they’ll find out I don’t really know what I’m talking about.
  • How can I tell others what to do when I don’t have my own ISH completely together?

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A SPARK Session is also for specific issues like:


  • Why isn’t my website gaining me clients?
  • Why do I keep doing X, Y, Z, over and over again even though I know it’s not working?
  • What website platform should I be using and why?
  • How do I move to selling packages rather than trading my time for money?
  • What social media platform(s) and/or marketing areas do I need focus on to attract more clients right now?
  • Will you look at what I’m doing online and tell me where I need to go next?
  • Can you look at my copy and tell me how to make it better?
  • What topics should I blog or write articles on?
  • I need to get clear on my tag line, who I am and what I do.
  • How to do I double my sales conversion rate and raise my prices?
  • How do I sell without feeling slimy?
  • What do I do with clients that aren’t a good fit?
  • How do I stop working for too little money (free or trade)?

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I shine a light that allows YOU to SEE exactly where you need to go so that you can get UNSTUCK and on the fast-track to changing the world.

Listen, I know what it feels like to be where you are; capable of amazing things, super CREATIVE and filled with a ton of POTENTIAL but STUCK feeling like a you’ve got a Ferrari engine in a Geo body; revving at 900 MPH yet digging a hole in ever deeper in the mud. If you read my story, you’ll understand that I spent most of my life running from who I really was, hiding and minimizing my gifts and talents in the shadows and staying under the radar to fit in. That doesn’t work.

What does work is being YOU and knowing precisely who you were created to be and where you are meant to go.  What does work is holding out the message you were born to give with CLARITY of PURPOSE.  When you know who you are and are no longer afraid to be seen, you become a light. Your SPARK will shine in the dark and you’ll naturally attract clients and opportunities that guide you in the exact direction you were created to go.  That’s the big picture on how I help.  I also kick your butt so you ACHIEVE your POTENTIAL and pursue the CALLING you were put on this earth for.

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“My experience working with Daun has been life changing! She helped me to clearly see my potential and get started right off doing what was necessary to act on it. I left feeling inspired to move forward and I besides that I know that I she will always be in my corner. Miranda Hoefert – Purpose & Life Coach


daun jacobsen testimonials praise author coach speaker lisa deam“I started working with Daun when my first book was preparing to launch, and I’m so glad I did! I knew I wanted by book to reach the right people, but I didn’t know where to start. Daun helped me to identify my unique purpose. Thanks to her, I know how to be visible and confident. Authors often dread marketing their books, but now I look forward to it because I am getting my work out into the world where it belongs!” Lisa Deam – Author & Speaker

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I’m so sure that our time together will give you the VALUE you expect that if at the end of our call, you don’t feel that you’re further on your path than you were before we met, simply let me know and you will get 100% of your MONEY BACK. No questions asked. I am THAT confident that you will receive uncomparable value from our time together. 

When our SESSION is over, I will send you a full recording and an email from me a week later just to check-in and make sure it you’re still on track and on FIRE.

Ready to book?  I will send you an email within 24 hours to schedule our call at your convenience, generally Monday through Friday.

$197 USD