{Audio Webinar} How To Stop Making Excuses, Get Stuff Done & Live A Life You Love


Recently did a FREE training conference call on how to stop making excuses, get stuff done and live a life you love.

If you know me, I roll spirituality, business, life and leadership all into one package and this call is no exception. I believe in a whole life approach because well, you’re one person – and being just one person is a tough job. 🙂

Here’s the scoop, this training covered:

  • What the heck do you want?  Do you know? How to decide what it is you really, really want
  • What is success really? Is it the same thing to everyone? Steps to defining what success means to you
  • Why we make excuses
  • Why we self-sabotage, get off track and spin our wheels at 150mph in the wrong direction
  • How to overcome the tendency to self-sabotage and really begin to make strides forward toward your purpose and calling.
  • An outline of the daily practical step-by-step productivity plan I use to keep myself on track and how you can use it too.

Have comments, questions?  Agree, don’t agree? Feel strongly about anything at all?  I’d love to hear it – leave a comment below and we’ll chat.

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