Want Success? Get Healthy! – Start Now, Here’s How


What??!! Did she really just say that? Is she kidding me? I don’t have time yet to focus on my health. I am an entrepreneur, a business owner, a parent. I will get to that when I make it! When I have the extra time, when I have the money…blah, blah,blah blah, whine, excuse and so on.

This seems exaggerated, but I ask you as you are sitting there reading this…why have you put your health on the back burner? Why is this secondary or negotiable? Most likely for a reason listed above or similar version correct?

This is where, if I were sitting next to you this moment, that famous V8 commercial would come into play and I would smack you in the forehead!! Do you want to have a kick ass business? Do you want to operate at a higher level than those around you? You gotta get your priorities in order!

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Don’t believe me? Google it, research it…come back here in 5 minutes, and we’ll answer the question “Why?”

Reasons success requires a focus on health:

  • Increased energy means stronger productivity. Basically you work smarter in less time and accomplish more. (You were waiting for the time to get healthy? Make it.)
  • Extreme and consistent boosts in confidence!! When you feel good it OOZES out of every pore in your body, it’s contagious, you will attract clients without even knowing it. You feel strong, you look amazing..”Bring it on world” you say! Confession time: I do hot yoga in very little, jiggly parts and all hanging out, dripping sweat…..public speaking no longer intimidates me, PERIOD. Bring it! hot yoga success and physical health
  • Creating habits: You set goals and finish them. You become consistent in health, life and business. You set appropriate limits. You create balance across the board.
  • You make consistent money and establish your business as a result of all these, to name a few.

OR you can:

  • Burn the candle at both ends
  • Create stress and deadlines
  • Work until the wee hours of the morning (FYI, you look like crap the next day)
  • Pass up family and you time for “someday”
  • Show your family and others a poor example of what being your own boss is, and a poor example of what life can be
  • Create health problems, even serious ones
  • Have poor sleep, low energy and mood swings
  • Constantly doubt yourself

So simply put, which life and business mentality do you want?  Which one will help you succeed? Are you waiting for a severe life event to rock your world and THEN you will make your health a priority? I thought not.

how being healthy helps your business as entrepreneur

Here’s how to get started on being KICK ASS AMAZING!!

  • Schedule your exercise time just as you would an important meeting. It’s non negotiable!
  • Create consistent habits. One thing at a time baby! Don’t jump all in hardcore, start with one manageable consistent thing that you will do daily and build on it, week by week.
  • Crowd out the crap. Food, people, habits, all of it. The more you bring in, the less room there is for the bad stuff. More on that here: http://www.jessica-abbott.com/health-wealth/
  • Get help! Get a certified health coach if you aren’t sure where to start. We ask for help on everything we aren’t experts at, social media coaches, business coaches, relationship coaches..this is no different. Let somebody help get you on your personal health journey.

Always feel free to check out my available programs, coaching or just to drop me a line to chat or ask a question. Whatever has you caged, I want to help you break out of it and be the successful person you know is waiting to claim this life and fly with it! Find me on Facebook here.

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