miranda testimonial“My experience working with Daun Jacobsen as my personal coach has been life changing! Not only have I gained awareness of my design and purpose in life, but Daun has guided me in realizing my worth and value. She helped me to open my eyes so that I not only see my potential, but I can act on it. Every session with Daun is uplifting and motivating. I leave each week feeling inspired to get myself moving forward and I always know that I have someone alongside me that understands where I’ve been and where I see myself moving. I feel so blessed to have this amazing journey with Daun…and we’ve only finished our first 2 months! I can’t wait to see what greatness lies ahead.”
Miranda Hoefert – Purpose & Life Coach


daun jacobsen testimonials praise author coach speaker lisa deam“I began working with Daun Jacobsen when my first book was preparing to launch, and I’m so glad I did! I wanted my book to reach the right people, but I didn’t know where to start. In our coaching sessions, Daun helped me to identify my unique purpose as a writer and to build a brand in line with who I was created to be. Thanks to Daun, I can be visible and confident. Authors often dread marketing their books, but now I look forward to it because I am getting my work out into the world where it belongs! Thank you, Daun!”
Lisa Deam – Author & Speaker


sarah mann praise and testimonial work with Daun“Nine years ago, I started a business I had no passion for. Over those years, I grew the business to tremendous success and in so doing learned all the technical aspects needed to start and maintain growth. In the end, though, I was left with the fact that I’d spent nine years tending a business that never touched the core of who I was. When I began working with Daun I was in the process of selling this business to start a new venture but I was struggling. “How do I mold all of me into something that would both satisfy myself and bless others?” I had a lot of resistance that was keeping me from going all in to build a business around who I was created to be and what I did best.  How could I package my core gifts and talents into a valuable, definable business that would make sense and a difference in the world. As Daun and I worked together, she was able to help me stay focused and get down to the heart of these questions. Instead of telling me what to do, Daun asked the right questions and focused my energy on defining and translating my core gifts and beliefs into the business realm. This was something I could have done own but would have taken me years to accomplish without Dauns guidance. Now I’m building my new business and am fueled by the results!” Sarah Mann – Image Consultant & Brand Photographer

lisa johnson testimonial daun jacobsenWe are all given certain skills and a greater purpose that we are called to. My passion is for helping women throw off the baggage that they have been carrying their whole lives whether it is emotional stigma from childhood, abusive relationships as adult women, or any other emotional garbage that sits and festers holding women back from all that they are called to be. As I step into my own purpose in helping women by utilizing the education and life skills I possess, I bask in the glory of the gifts that I have been given as well as the Giver of such gifts! I am great at what I do and learn constantly how I can do better, but as quoted so eloquently (kinda) in Gone with the Wind, “I dont know know NUTHIN bout birthing no online business!” From creating an avatar of my ideal customer to marketing my gifts and talents both online and in the community Daun has been a constant in my success. Through her tutelage, I have learned how to create and post relevant content, create a client base, as well as learn how to fly in my purpose. I found her prices to be very comparable to other coaches in her field, yet she gave above and beyond any of the other coaches I checked into. Daun is passionate about not only what she does, but who she is working with, Want a cheerleader who will kick you in the butt when you are not following through with what you committed to? Pick Daun! Want someone who will lovingly hold your hand as you struggle through, yet wont let you stay in a state of pitiful self loathing? Pick Daun! I find that Daun’s knowledge and compassion for women as well as her passion for what she does makes her a cut above the rest! I learned how to fly and so can you! Lisa Johnson – Coach

More Praise…

“After listening to Daun speak recently on the topic of “Bringing Your Dreams to Life” I began to think about some of the dreams that I felt had been crushed before.  It made me realize that those dreams are still alive and planted inside of me, it is just that the path to get there was not what I had originally envisioned. Anna Kaiser – Holistic Accountant

“This fall I finally decided to develop my business. I knew I needed entrepreneurial coaching because online presence is new to me. I connected with Daun and immediately decided to establish one to one coaching. The timing was perfect because she was just preparing to launch The Sisterhood Mastermind. I’d never participated in a mastermind before. This group became a safe place for me to authentically share my journey (the challenges, frustrations, and victories). The accountability and encouragement of The Sisterhood has greatly impacted where I am in my business now. I am boldly putting myself “out there!” My confidence has increased with the support and collaboration of my colleagues. Daun’s expertise is incredibly valuable and I appreciate her integrity and enthusiasm as she facilitates the group!  Deb Martens – Educational Consultant & Life Coach