How to Reach Goals: Abandon the Yellow Brick Road


ruby-slippersFollow the yellow brick road! We’ve heard it since we were children – the golden path to the fulfillment of our dreams. A golden spiral paved with perfectly formed and laid tiles, inscribed with all the “how to” information needed to ensure you easily, safely and quickly reach your destination. The pathway to success should be so simple…just follow the “how-to’s” that are out there. Right? Definitely wrong!

It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to figure out the “how”: running to this “expert” or subscribing to that “guru.” Your email inbox can so easily be taken hostage by people attempting to give you the “how.” What they have to say is good, but if you’re looking for that golden ticket to success, “how-to” is not where it’s at.

Here is a secret that is usually learned the hard way, in life, NOBODY knows exactly what they are doing. No one can give you the map to your destination. There is no universal yellow brick road that, if followed, leads you to the Land of Oz.

This is the paradox of being an entrepreneur: it requires faith. The echoing voice that calls you to adventure requires faith. There is no detailed map on “how-to” get there included. When you finally abandon yourself to the thirst for adventure that first stirred within, you must also commit yourself to a life of not really knowing “how to”. Instead, replace it with as intense a focus on the “why.” Adventure and ambiguity go hand in hand. To build a successful business that matters you must experiment, you must endure, you must fail, you must get up again. You must blaze your own trail. Being right? Doing it right? Having the answer? These things are not about leading and influencing. They are about wanting to be admired.

Knowing your “why” is much more powerful than your “how.” What could be if you replaced your quest for “how” with “why?”. Continually ask yourself “Is what you are doing at this very moment bringing you closer to your number one goal? Is what I’m reading, writing, watching, doing supporting my purpose, who I am created to be and what I’m meant to give?” If the answer is no, stop doing it. Stop, even if it’s good, even if it will help, even if you’re afraid. Do only things that support your “why” and the “how” will fall into place.

So let me give you a challenge…just for today:
Give up knowing exactly how and do what you are called to do anyway. Unsubscribe from the people that are giving you the how and replace them with people that support your why. Listen only to those whose own “why” has already taken them past where you are now. Surround yourself with those that share “why” and not “how”. Replace “experts” with “mentors” and just for today…abandon how.

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