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get visible and amplify your voice for business success brandingIt wasn’t until 8th grade, that this little girl found her voice. Amid the boring, the mundane, the normal and everyday. It wasn’t me, it couldn’t be. I was just not that person. I found that being myself was sooo much easier than being someone else and much much more fun and the first way I expressed my visual voice was with my clothes. It seemed to be the easiest, most accessible way to get my own message out there!! A message of freedom, fun and originality!!

That uniquity didn’t come easily for others who didn’t ‘get me.’ They sneered and questioned. They saw something in me that called into question everything about themselves, but in the end, they came to know me as me and appreciate my own style and all was good.

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Oh, it goes way back, back to the time we were little girls, told to be quiet, told that children are seen and not heard, told that ladies do things in a certain way and good girls don’t speak out. Girls are ladylike and they stay silent and reserved. We’ve learned it early and we’ve mastered it. We know how to ROCK the quiet, the non voice, the silent, the keep your mouth shut way of doing things. We ADORE the mute button!

in order to grow your business you've got to use your voice - don't be quiet

Problem is, we then come to our businesses and want to be visible and vocal and those muscles are soo weak, they’ve atrophied. We have no idea what to say, how to say it, to whom we say it too, and so, we slip away, back to the comfort of what we have known for so long. The invisible. We stay silent and deep down, it makes us soo sad, frustrated and in many instances depressed and angry, just to name a few of the emotions that can arise.

  • So how do we find our voice? Here are some of my favorite quick and easy steps to get those voices singing!!
  • – Go get a makeover. Having an update for your skin and makeup is sooo important to your visual voice. Trends change, ingredients and technology changes, and ladies, WE CHANGE!! What worked for you a few years ago is probably not what’s going to work for you now!! Get a FRESH new look!!
  • -Journal. Let it all hang out. Do a daily brain dump about anything and everything that comes to mind. It is amazing to SEE how your voice will come through on the paper…5 minutes a day to start, working up to 3 pages daily is the prescription of the day!
  • -Have a hair consultation with a Master stylist. Changing our hair is another way to express our individuality and to let our voices be heard!! And when you find a master, it is unlike any other experience you will ever have!
  • Go shopping. In a store:) and really let your imagination PLAY!! Try things on, you know we don’t have to buy everything we try on! Put some things on your body that you LOVE and play with some different types of clothing. You may just be surprised when your voice says “OMG, I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD LIKE THIS BUT I LOVE IT!!!”

Lastly, use your voice. Perhaps you speak up about something that is important to you. Maybe you start to comment in groups or jump in conversations where normally you stay silent. Perhaps you begin to share with those around you your desires and dreams so that your voice can be heard loud and clear. Perhaps you start with baby steps at home with your family or partner. Practice here is the key.

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One thing I know for sure is that this is a hurting world. A beautiful world, but a hurting world and women are struggling. We need each and every voice to be heard loud and clear. We need to share and learn and grow with our voices. We need to use these voices for good causes, for change, for empowerment, for growth and to show the younger generations that THEIR voices count in this world. It does no one any good if we can’t hear you. If we can’t SEE your voice.

So here’s to the song of our voices collectively!! Sing it loud, sing it proud!!

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