Why Your Clients’ Words Are Money In The Bank


Mind reader content is the kind of content that makes you feel as though the author has reached inside your mind, pulled out your thoughts and typed them out for you to read. It is without doubt the most compelling and persuasive content around. But how can you create it without being an actual mind reader?

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Here are three quick, easy and highly effective ways to do just that.

#1: Pain Points and Benefits

If you’ve ever read a “how to” article about creating persuasive copy then you’ll know that a whole lot of weight is given to pain points and benefits. The reason for that is simply because people want to know that if they shell out the money, they’ll feel better about themselves, their business or their life in general.

Your job is to let them know that you truly understand their problem and that you know the best way to help them while aligning with their values and beliefs.

Why your clients’ words are money in the bank: Think back to conversations you’ve had with your clients when they first come to you and what they say to you after you’ve helped them over a hurdle.

In particular, look for:

  • The way they describe their frustration/anxiety when they come to you. Do they give you an example of a scenario that they go through every day because of a specific problem?
  • The way they describe the ease of doing something after they’ve worked with you.

The idea is to note down specific phrases and scenarios. Now you can put those phrases and scenarios into your copy. If you describe the exact actions that your reader takes when they come up against a problem – you’ll look like a mind reader.

#2 Blog Topics

As Daun points out in her blog post on how to write content that sells; looking at questions that you readers ask over and over again is a great indicator of what to cover on your blog.

Taking that point a little further, you could also check out some of your competitors blogs and see what comments they’re receiving. It’s likely that your ideal client will hang out on other blogs so you might be able to get some insight to what they’re looking for if you look beyond your own space.

Remember to try and use exact phrases that people use in your titles. So if people keep asking “how can I get more people to comment on my blog?” A brilliant title for a post would be “How to get more people to comment on your blog”. I know – easy peasy, right?!

#3 Proof

Do you ever feel a bit cheesy when you tell people how good you are at what you do? The best way to brag about how good you are is to get others to do it for you.

Client testimonials are an awesome way to prove to others that you’re amazeballs. Think about it; you’re far likely to believe that a product works if other people tell you the positive results that they have.

Now you might have a client testimonial page on your site and that’s great. But if you put a couple of testimonials on your sales pages and even in one or two blogs then you will instantly get the attention and respect from your reader that you deserve.

The key is to choose testimonials that directly relate to what you’re talking about at that particular time. So if you’re talking about how you can help people make a six figure income then having a client testimonial that clearly states that is golden.

Try It Yourself

So, that’s why your clients’ words are money in the bank! Next time you come to write anything at all look back at what your clients have spoken to you about in the past and see if there’s a way you can use their exact words to make your copy and content more powerful.

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