Changing your life? First, change your socks.


I’ve decided that 2015’s theme is going to be “Change is Good”… and the first thing that I’m changing… is my socks.

Actually, I’ve decided to change my identity… but I’m starting with my socks.

super hero new identityI asked for new socks for Christmas, one pair in particular. I wanted a pair of Superman socks complete with little red cape on both.

Let me explain why.

Back when Katrina occurred, I was volunteered into taking a week long shift in going down to assist with the technical needs of my coworkers, the Reporters and Photographers of the Associated Press in the Gulfport, Mississippi area. One of the takeaways I learned from newsman Jay Reeves was the magical rejuvenating powers of new socks.

I arrived a few weeks after the hurricane… and stayed in a temporary camp ground with a bunch of the debris hauling truck drivers. Jay had been there since the beginning and had seen and photographed some of the worst destruction that storm had dished out.

After a day of coming alongside people whose lives had been literally swept away and workers who were removing the debris of those survivors’ existence, he would return to the camp with wet shoes and filthy conditions of ever increasing mold and mildew.

But Jay had a secret weapon.

A package of new cotton athletic socks.

He said that in that environment there were no creature comforts, no running water, no hot food, and nothing was clean, everything was dirty, … except for his new socks.

I too have enjoyed that feeling of taking a brand new pair of socks out of the package and right onto my feet. Its a little bit of Heaven and cheaper than the best mood altering medication on the market.

But I never appreciated it in the same way that Jay had enjoyed them. Jay said he saw the look on Katrina survivors faces when they too were given a pair of new socks. It brought back life into their faces, if only for a little while.

New life from…socks.[tweetthis]New Life From Socks: Identity Taking Root – Read more…[/tweetthis]

So I’m changing my life in 2015, I’m gaining a new identity. But, I’m not ready for the identity of Superman. I’ve got to plant a seed of a new life and identity and grow into it this year and I’m not Superman… not yet.

My new identity taking root.

My new identity taking root.

My daughter gave me another pair of superhero socks for Christmas and quite frankly, they’re EXACTLY where I need to start.

They say “I am Groot”.

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