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Art Journaling for Success: Healing, Growth and Thriving

using an art journal to overcome blocks and grow spiritually butterfly art journal

As gifted creative entrepreneurs, we ride the wave between our right and left brains. We can be very logical and also very “artsy.” Did you know there’s a way to use art to support your logical side? It’s called art journaling and it’s a great way to overcome blocks that may be holding you back in your business by helping to fast forward your thinking in the right direction. It’s also BEA-utiful… Read more…

Twitter Tutorial: How To Bump Past The 2000 Follower Limit

Twitter Tutorial how to push past the 2000 follower limit and gain followers that love you

After spending the past 6 months diligently building up my Facebook page for my coaching and consulting business, I’ve decided (for a couple reasons that I mention in the video) to focus on other social media channels for 2015. Twitter being the top choice. As I’ve worked on building up my followers I’ve hit the […] Read more…

{Tutorial} Overview of Canva – How to Create Simple Blog and Social Media Graphics with Ease


Ever wonder where people get those nifty little customized graphics you see on blogs, websites and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)? Worried that you gotta learn Photoshop, InDesign or GIMP in order make it happen? While those are great tools for indepth photo editing, you can do quite a lot with two simple tools that you can learn the basics of in an hour.  Read more…

{VIDEO} How To Overcome Overwhelm in Your Business – One Simple Step


Overcoming Business Overwhelm – One Tip To Do It Quickly Got a little crazy and quirky LOL — This is a quick video tip on overcoming overwhelm.  Overwhelm is something I hear a lot from my high-potential, high-acheiving clients.  While there are many ways to combat it, I wanted to go over one way I […] Read more…