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Art Journaling for Success: Healing, Growth and Thriving

using an art journal to overcome blocks and grow spiritually butterfly art journal

As gifted creative entrepreneurs, we ride the wave between our right and left brains. We can be very logical and also very “artsy.” Did you know there’s a way to use art to support your logical side? It’s called art journaling and it’s a great way to overcome blocks that may be holding you back in your business by helping to fast forward your thinking in the right direction. It’s also BEA-utiful… Read more…

{Audio Webinar} How To Stop Making Excuses, Get Stuff Done & Live A Life You Love


Recently did a FREE training conference call on how to stop making excuses, get stuff done and live a life you love. If you know me, I roll spirituality, business, life and leadership all into one package and this call is no exception. I believe in a whole life approach because well, you’re one person […] Read more…