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What It Means To Be Gifted: A Personal Post | Daun Jacobsen

what is means to be gifted adult

Sometimes, the word “gifted” makes me cringe. There are many sterotypes around what that word means and sounds like to others. When I started and ran the Gifted & Talented parent association in my small town in Montana six years ago, I was confronted with many parents who thought their child should qualify. Every parent […] Read more…

Are You Living Authentically? How Gifted Leaders Can Overcome Expectations and Perfectionism.

how gifted people can be authentic and overcome perfectionism

Being labeled as gifted can mean many things. To some it is being intuitive, empathic, highly-sensitive, having strong coping mechanisms, having specific gifts, and to others, it could be a label that infers a higher than average intelligence. Above all, the label of giftedness it is typically attached to societal expectations. For a child or […] Read more…

{VIDEO} How To Overcome Overwhelm in Your Business – One Simple Step


Overcoming Business Overwhelm – One Tip To Do It Quickly Got a little crazy and quirky LOL — This is a quick video tip on overcoming overwhelm.  Overwhelm is something I hear a lot from my high-potential, high-acheiving clients.  While there are many ways to combat it, I wanted to go over one way I […] Read more…