At the core, I am:  an artist, a leader, highly-sensitive, creative, intuitive, strategic, dramatic, excitable and witty.

I consider myself gifted, which is NOT so much about achieving high marks nor about being talented in a special way. “Gifted” means simply,  all of us who have survived childhood thanks to an ability to adapt to trauma by developing the “gifts” of being highly intuitive, creative and abstract…which without these ‘gifts’ offered us…we would not have survived.

I am equal parts heart, soul and mind. I thrive at the intersection of spirituality, business, leadership and life. This means I’m a marketer, business strategist and entrepreneurial coach to women on a mission.

My work is neither about spiritual woo-woo nor lifeless business strategy; it is about impacting the world. It’s about helping you reach more people than you ever imagined. It’s about helping you uncover more of who you are created to be, why you are here, where you are going and empowering you to get there all while staying true to yourself. It’s about inspiring you to believe that you are valuable simply because you are you.  It’s about challenging you to surrender to the calling on your life.

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Why?  Because I know without the shadow of a doubt, you hold the power to change the world simply by being fully you and by bringing all of what you have to offer straight into the marketplace by ramping your business up to the next level.

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Because of what I’ve been through and who I am, I am able to work with you to cut quickly to the core of where you are, to provide clarity around where you desire to go; to translate and pull out your unique gifts, talents and strengths into a business that is true to the whole of who you are.  Which, in turn, naturally increases your influence and gains you leaps forward in the marketplace.

heartI WRITE from my heart.  My posts and articles can be raw, emotional and inspiring. I aspire to be an open book.  My motto when I write is, if it doesn’t scare me, it’s not vulnerable enough.

heartI SPEAK to inspire you to think differently about your world; about your business; about your future; about yourself.  I serve as a catalyst for change.

heartI COACH you to to goal by providing framework that keeps your designed purpose at the forefront and challenging you overcome every obstacle in your way. I provide accountability and focus that allows you to avoid the self-sabotage and resistance common to gifted leaders, ensuring you reach where you’re going in record time.  I courageously speak the truth in love.

heartI CONSULT on leadership, branding, marketing and business. My job is to reach into your head and heart, pull out what’s hidden and turn on the light so that you and your team can become whole. Whole people gain results much faster.

heartI DEVELOP strategic plans that result in women empowered to take on the world.  Every session, workshop and program is designed with the purpose of helping you gain a deeper knowledge of who you are, why you’re here, where you’re going with your life and business as well as putting the practical tools in place that allow you to get there in record time.

Now, just because I’ve shared all this clarity about who I am, what I do and how I can help you doesn’t mean I don’t have my own story of where I’ve been…