December 2014 archive

Twitter Tutorial: How To Bump Past The 2000 Follower Limit

Twitter Tutorial how to push past the 2000 follower limit and gain followers that love you

After spending the past 6 months diligently building up my Facebook page for my coaching and consulting business, I’ve decided (for a couple reasons that I mention in the video) to focus on other social media channels for 2015. Twitter being the top choice. As I’ve worked on building up my followers I’ve hit the […] Read more…

So, What’s The Key to Writing Content That Sells? How To Choose What To Create.

key to creating content that sells marketing

You must narrow focus in order to gain clients. It’s a fact of life.  But, for some Creatives, this can be torture. We artistic, soul-centered entrepreneurs don’t like to be put in a “box.”   Words like “niche” and “focus” can send any one of us screaming into the corner.  Pondering niching our business immediately […] Read more…