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        HDPE ice-coil

        Products > HDPE ice-coil > HDPE ice-coil

        HDPE ice-coil

        Equipment characteristics

        Thin ice thickness and large heat exchange area ensure good ice making and melting performance;

        Coils are welded by automatic production line, with guaranteed quality;

        High polymer material is corrosion resistant and has long service life;

            Completely frozen design is adopted, which saves more space and occupies a small area.

        technical parameter

          HDPE Internal Melting Ice-coil


        HDPE Internal Melting Ice-coil


        Other instructions

        1、All ice-coil of GHCS has passed 8Bar before leaving the factory.

        2、GHCS can provide Customized products according to the site dimensions.

        3、GHCS reserves the right to change product design and parameters without prior notice.



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